Curated guided web tours to subjects of interest.

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Similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Internet companies, we focus on driving web traffic to advertisers sites

We earn revenue  in the same way but we do it a little differently


There are three basis ways to deliver a user to content.

The first is to get them to actively search for it on a search engine like Google Yahoo or Bing.


The second is to "discover a content link" or to stumble onto content via a link on

website, an e-mail from a friend, or a link shared on Twitter or Facebook,


The third is by a curated web discovery Internet guide who can refer and accompany users to content and websites. It adds a sense of continuity to web viewing and provides users with additional information, referrals, tips and endorsements


Curated Browsing or Web Discovery offers added benefits to people who are searching the Internet.


1. They can choose a guide that they like. The guide can be a celebrity, a radio, TV or Podcast Host, and an expert who knows how to explain more about the sites that the user is guided to

2. The guide accompanies the user to each site on the tour and provided a new kind of continuity between visited  web pages

3. The guide can accompany the user  to multiple pages on the destination site.

4 The guide can continue taking the user to subsequent websites containing the same content material


It's an overall more engaging user experience and more relevant information is imparted.


How it works - Introducing the Interstitial video browser also know as the "what you can do" box.


The What-You-Can-Do (WYCD Box is an advanced voice-activated interactive control that allows the viewer to interact with the web page by speaking or clicking what he wants. It consists of a banner. an MP4 video payer and a relevant navigation tool


As the user speaks or clicks the navigation items, the voice browser moves to the corresponding  next video

to simulate a normal conversation. And at the same time a new web page is automatically pushed into the browser.


Finally a sophisticated billing and tracking system bills the advertiser for the click/content and pays our a revenue stream to publisher, content provider, and the advertising agent who acquired the advertiser.



Wow. 6,500,000 Results. Impressive. Who cares?


Most of you will click on a choice from the first page of results (less then 20 results per page)


And then the search engine will take you to the result you selected and then leave you on the page .....UNATTENDED


So now it's up to you to figure out what you want to do next.


Do you want to click on another link on the page you are on?

Do you want to go back to the search engine and try again?

Search is good!  But you have to look around very carefully at what you find.


What if you could be guided


But search is not the only way to find what you're looking for on the Internet.


What if you could be guided by an expert, a celebrity, a radio host or someone you trust,


What if that person could not only take you the information you are looking for, but actually go with you to

that website and explain to you why they took you there and tell you what to look for or what to avoid.


What if they could guide you around to different page in that site or products of interest or even how to

find special deals


What if they could continue to guide you to other similar sites to give you a much bigger picture.


Many people may prefer to be guided by someone who knows about what they are looking for.


 We guide people around the web with voice activated personalities to help them find what or who they are seeking.


Now all of this is possible....want to see for your self....just click here