Curated guided web tours to subjects of interest.

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Banners are links are not the only way to drive traffic to websites.


Some People Prefer to be Guided


Search is a great way to find things on the Internet,

but it does require a bit of though to enter the right keywords. And search returns so many results that is can sometimes get overwhelming. Be guided to destination and having an ongoing dialogue can be much more comforting.


Normal search requires the user to user thier own intiuition to look for results, After seeing the results from a search, they might choose your buisness or not. There is no guide to help them.

It's totally in the handes of the user.



The alternative is Host Guided Browsing

IIf you think that you can just place banners to motivate your visitors to get page views,

think again.


The big search providers are generating huge revenue providing targeted paid search results to advertisers.

But the way search works is changing. Google is about to flip traditional SEO on it's head.

SEO used to feed users result based on

Many people may prefer to be guided by

their favorite talk show host or celebrity or by an

experts who knows about what they are looking for.

When a  Curator is added to a web Discovery experience, the viewer is engaged like never before.


They are simulating a conversation and can keep them engaged across multiple pages.


We settle for a piece of a single pay per view revenue when you share in a series of clicks and get paid for each one.  IT CHANGES THE WHOLE REVENUE DYNAMIC.

Add continuity to the browsing experience.   Most web sessions are disconnected with no common thread to hold it together//  HGB provided a new sense of continuity never before seen.

It's so engaging it's like mind control

Hostbrowsing windows allow a voice activated user interface that allows user to speak to it. This can simulate a conversational

style dialogue between the host/curator and the viewer. during the dialogue the curator can make suggestions on what the viewer can do or say next.  As the user responds to the host, the host keeps pushing new web pages into the browser.   This is a great way to lead users

to a conversion.

Guide Internet Users to the Solution They Need


Search engines just don’t pass the muster these days.



You have a loyal listenership or viewership, whether it’s online or over the airwaves.


Advertisers need help attracting new customers to their stores, websites and deals. It's not always enough to simply write "click here" on a banner or text ad, or to rely on a search engine.


And web users definitely prefer guidance on deciding if a business, product or service is right for them.



The Problem with Search Engines


Have you done an Internet search lately?


Almost every search brings up the same four or five results.  That’s because they’re mostly controlled by SEO masters and pay-per-clickers.


That’s 4 or 5 results out of 74 million+ ! Who has the time to sort through all of that to find exactly what they need? What happens is that many people either give up or settle on an inferior product or service. Many Internet users have a low attention span and won’t spend long viewing any web page in particular.


Too Many Choices Is Not a Good Thing


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Guided Browsing


Host-guided browsing solves this problem. It allows you, as the publisher, to speak to motivated buyers directly from your website and guide them to the solution they need. Your image pops up on the screen and asks the visitor a question, like:


"Which choice below would you like to see next?"

"What are you looking for?"

"Where are you located? "

"Wanna see my favorite deals?"


The visitor can respond either by clicking or by speaking his answers into the voice-activated system. A plugin and a microphone is all he needs to go "mouse-free."


When you send buyers to an advertiser's website or special deal, you get a credit for the referral or a percentage of the deal sale.


You’re converting sales for your advertisers without ever having to actually call and sell to the buyer!


Now that's what you call working smart, not hard.


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