Curated guided web tours to subjects of interest.

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Guided Browsing

Advantages to User

  • Provides a discovery option to users
  • Allows user to select an expert or celebrity curator
  • curator will remain on each site and explain or endorse products
  • Curator can guide viewer within each visited site
  • Multiple sites of interest can be displayed to viewer
  • Curators video serves to enhance product description
  • Curator can get known and trusted by consumers
  • Voice Activation allows viewer to speak with program

Advantages to Advertiser

  • Instead of just left unattended on a site, curator accompanies visitor
  • testimonial or endorsement can help close sale.
  • Intra site navigation for increase conversion

Advantages to Publisher

  • Get the ability to drive multiple clicks and page views with each visitor
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increased page views

Advantages to Content Provider

Now there's another way to find what you are looking for.


Why search... when you can be guided to multiple site of interest by an expert or  celebrity.


Get entertained with explanations and the benefit of their personal experience.




Host browsing is a patented technology developed by Voice Internet.


It was designed to introduce a new browsing experience to viewers and and a novel new way of monitizing page views.