Curated guided web tours to subjects of interest.

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As an ad agency, SEO or Internet Ad placement agent you are always seeking better ways to build web traffic for your clients.


Here's a new method to build web traffic using a process called  curated browsing that uses video based  web curators to actually guide their fans and visitors to your clients websites and then remain in the session as an overly to provide oratory and testimonials about your client and their products.


So, in addition to search Adwords, you should consider adding a celebrity, a radio or Podcast host,  or an industry experts,

curated, web discovery tour to your media mix.


Curated browsing hosts can add a whole new element to the way your clients site is viewed.


The viewer is brought to the site with a referral from the host

The viewer actually clicked or spoke on your keyword to get to your site

Hosts can recommend that their fans view your site

Instead of leaving your visitor on your site unattended,(like other search engines) our host stays with them as an video overlay right on your site.

This way the host/curator can impart additional information about products or services, and deliver testimonials or recommendations.

The host can even guide the visitor to other pages in your website or even close a sale leading to better conversions.


About the way we pay commissions.


Publishers get 35% of the revenue by initiating the traffic

Content Providers get 15% of the revenue by producing the video content

Advertising agents get 15% of the revenue by introducing an advertiser into the system


That means that you earn 15% on all the revenue that is billed to your clients regardless of the publishers who initiate the

traffic or which content provider produced the video hosted content.


Imagine a Kim Kardashian bring her fans to your retail clothing, cosmetics of food supplement sites or a

Brad Pitt or a Justin Bieber guiding their fans directly to your clients sites. How would their testimonials and product

endorsements affect conversion rates.


Voice Activated video browsing could be the next big thing. Will your client be first to benefit. It's up to you.