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Why Host Browsing is great for advertisers

Better Engagement all the way around


Initial Engagement.


When a search engine drops a viewer onto your home page, They are basically left there

on their own to decide what they want to do next.  If they like your site and your product, they

might dig deeper into your site to look more closely at what you are offering.  But you need to engage them immediately or they will bounce off your site by hitting the back button.


With our host browsing solution,  the viewer is already engaged with the host that is guiding them.

When they get to your page they look to the host to let them know what is special about your company or product.


Reduced Bounce Rates,

Since the viewer is already engaged with the host, when your site is displayed, they are already

engaged with your content, especially if the host makes a remark on what they should be looking at.

This process will get your viewers to more pages in your website and maybe event to a shopping cart check our for a conversion.


Continuous Engagement.


Viewers tend to listen to spoken suggestions,  If the host  they are engaged with suggests that they

click on a link to see something special


Better control of call to action suggestions

Call to action suggestions are what drive users to view products or make a purchase

Since the viewer is engaged with the host, verbal suggestions tend to be more effective than

text communications.


Easy Navigation controls.

Site navigation is done by speaking commands or clicking in the "what you can say" box directly under the host video. The system is voice enabled with a down loadable app that creates a voice channel to cloud based speech server. with a call to your phone or by simply clicking on the desired navigation link


Increased Internal navigation.

The host can also suggest that your viewer checks our another page in your website.







The big search providers are generating huge revenue providing targeted paid search results to advertisers.


But the way search works is changing. Google is about to flip traditional SEO on it's head.  SEO used to feed users result based on


search is not the only way to dirve traffice to websites.

The alterantive is Host Guided Browsing


Some People Prefer to be Guided

Search is a great way to find things on the internet, but it

does requre a bit of though to enter the right keywords. And search returns so many results that is can sometimes get overwhelming. Be guided to desitation and having an ongoing dialogue can be much more comforting


Think about what happens when someone wants to find you.


They go to Google, click on your website link and are then left there... unattended.... on your site—with no one to tell them where to look, click or what to look for or do next.


What it they could have been guided to your the site by a celebrity, a radio host or an expert curator who could give them more details and tips on what to look for or suggested actions to take next.


What if that curator could provide a testimonial or a recommendation on what they should look at or even buy.


What could that do for your conversions?

Revisiting Your Current Web Strategy


If you thought search was the only way to get page views, think again.


If you think that you can just place banners above a website to get page views, think again.


Pay-per-click ads? Please.

Do you really want to risk paying $5 or more for a click from a non-committed customer who just happens to be fooling around with a search engine?


The best way to get people to your website is by REFERRAL.


Word of mouth marketing.  It works!

How likely is a customer to visit your website if they were taken there by a friend or someone they trust?




About Search

Normal search requires the user to user their own intuition to look for results, After seeing the results from a search, they might choose your business or not. There is no guide to help them.

It's totally in the hands of the user.


Many people prefer to be guided by people they know and trust


A customer needs to feel a connection before he’s comfortable enough to start pulling cash or a credit card from his wallet.


They want to hear a review or an assurance from a trusted friend, acquaintance or contact before giving your product or service a try.


*Have you ever heard about the Oprah effect?

That's where she goes on the air and tells her viewers about her favorite whatever.


The next day all the stores are sold out of that item.   The power of that kind of endorsement

from a high profile celebrity is indeed powerful.


Host guided browsing works on the same principal.


Our hosts identify what their viewers are looking for. Then they will

guide the viewer to a set of results, presenting your webpage as one

of the choices and endorse your product while the viewer is still on your



Not only that, but the host is also an influencer who can even close the sale for you or connect the

viewer directly to your business with our Pay Per Call platform.

Drive more ad revenue

by greatly increasing your clicks per visitor



Track your visitor’s actions

through our in-depth heat maps



Increase visitor engagement

through our unique interactive audio and video features



Boost your brand visibility

while monetizing your visitor’s every action



Voice Internet's patented interstitial browser component adds new advertising power to your website. Our trailblazing interactive platform, adds an influencer's component to engage and guide visitors to key web pages and content—and monetize your user’s actions every step of the way.